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Who I am and why I am here, blogging and living life

An introduction so you know who I am. Sixty plus (just) years ago I chose a family in Sydney, two lovely parents and a sister. I was wanted and loved and taught good values and to have a social conscious. We lived in a practical, countrified home where doing work, creations, with our hands was recognised and valued.

The hats that I have worn, and some I continue to wear are daughter, sister, secretary, musician, wife, daughter in law, sister in law, aunt, Mother, divorcee, single Mother, teacher and creator of traditional crafts, gardener, business lady, permaculture consultant, friend, soulmate, lover and soon to be Nan.

I am a Sagittarian, a traveller who loves being on the move, but resting and recharging in the spiritual Yurt/Roundhouse my family own, photography, simple living, country skills, cooking and crafts, and history, amongst a long list of interests.

Why I am here blogging? Communication is so important to me. I want to continue to stretch and keep on learning and to share.