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4 weeks into a new chapter

4 weeks ago I was driving interstate by myself to begin a new chapter of my life and going from being a “one” to being part of a “twosome”.

The last few days of 2017 were the beginning of an opportunity to share happiness and lots of smiles. This was not expected but very welcomed and I am so happy that I was open to accept new people, new places, and new experiences into my world. My world was already a good one with a lovely and loving family, a few special friends and a very beautiful, quirky, unique yurt in NSW Southern Highlands as my home plus a good job working at a lovely school predominantly with the students. Lucky!

Australian travel involves lots of time to go between the capital cities and where I lived and even though I longed for my family to come spend time with me at the yurt, reality was different as the young ones work crazy hours in varying shifts and have their own full lives. My expectations were unreal. Over a number of years I was the one travelling to see them. They totally supported my move to the Highlands and to a Yurt. In fact they were so proud of me and encouraged the Airbnb component from afar, one went shopping with me for furnishings   When there with me we had lovely times …. treasure chest times.

To be continued