Ecological lifestyle

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My diary testifies to the busy life I lead but the nuances of the lovely days and nights are not detailed there but remain as wonderful memories in my heart and head.

Predominantly my life has been rich with love and purpose. Nearly always by keeping busy and having a purpose, even if it is to hang out the washing, has mostly kept me moving physically and mentally and emotionally.

My head rewinds memories of the lovely homes I have shared with my loves, Mosman, Ryde, Epping, Hampton, Sandringham, Highett, and Robertson and  the many, many places my sleeping has happened in.

These nests, cocoons include lots of tents, teepees, caravans, cars, cabins, hotels, cruise ships, very small 58 person expedition ships, airports, planes, trains, buses, Airbnb’s, guest houses, friends and families homes, romantic log cabins, farm houses, YHA dormitories, very simple abodes in Nepal and Tibet. …  this list is quite extensive! Wow! Lucky I can usually tell myself a story and go to sleep.

The greatest going to sleep, waking up and sleeping together times have been with my loved ones. They even tolerate my light (!) snoring, talking, laughing and even singing during my ‘eyes closed times’. Some have been known to throw pillows at me or take turns to poke or roll me over (Tash, Ellen) but all up sleep is lovely wherever I am.

The night is dark and cold but I am rugged up and have my hand knitted blanket, pillow and eye mask to sleep another night away on the overnight train so that I can share the weekend with my beloveds.

Loving living life 🙏