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Waiting takes up many minutes and hours in one’s lifetime.  It can be time wasted or time used well, time to give thanks, time to grieve passings of loved ones, remembering life and passing  today especially on the 3rd yearly clock around since Sherine departed us, It can be anxious or relaxed. So many scenarios!  Quite often so varied there is no “normal” waiting situation.  Waiting for our home cooked dinner which smells delicious is a good wait, touches many senses.  Waiting with a child in hospital is a very anxious wait and those few times I have experienced these situations are embedded in my soul and memory.  Waiting to hear from those I love, sending love to them whether they have moved on even, Waiting at the Opthamoligist as I type this, anxious that my glaucoma has not deteriorated. Wanting and planning to live with sight and great health till I am 96!

RobertsonYurt/Roundhouse’s 1/2 acre garden is ever changing   Very seasonal. Very beautiful!  I wait with anticipation for the new growth and flowers to emerge, for the Maples to colour up, shine in the moisture, then drop the red leaves to create carpets.

So happy I have had the opportunity to “wait” and to have had so many great waits and to those in the future.


Author: Jillit

Greetings and welcome. The Theme of my Blog is about endeavouring to live an Ecological Lifestyle, based on Permaculture Principles. Some of the Topics we will explore in an entertaining manner all radiate out from 3 main slices of living ... Shelter (Yurts and Round Houses), Warmth and Food. A very special person once wrote "Learn From The Past, Think for Tomorrow ... Act Today". I have carried a little motto in my wallet for years ..."We are more of who we are because of the connections we have made". I look forward to our connections. ;-)

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