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The coolness is seeping into the country. Rain has given life to our dry country with previously empty dams. Enjoying a fire in the evenings has been delightful. Warms the body and soul watching the flames and coals.  Our Yurt is being enjoyed by others who think about buying land and duplicating this large very lovable abode. Lovely being able to share the beautiful ambience.

Thankful for Dan Thomas, a Robertson landscape designer who is sharing the dream and making it happen to open the garden as a fundraiser ,,,, a Woodland Artisian garden.   Pushing me on to create and add to the already beautiful piece of heaven, an “oasis in a troubled world. ”

Through sharing and caring, in November 2016 I met a wonderful soul.  His words are above …. he also said I was a “refuge in a refugee world” in which he works. He said he shared with me over the next three months more than he had with 98% of folk.   He wanted no more than to escape into the natural world here, learn about the birds, loved seeing them and their antics, laughed at the possums and Wonga Pigeons, wanted to go see the wombats, eat good natural food.   His damaged soul and mind opened and relaxed here, he was lovely, but work and the world human rights and his expectations have closed all. After writing that my friendship was invaluable he has “concluded our communication”   Told me to put behind me that our paths crossed and basically in my words he let his shield down here when the world looks to him.  Thousands of words passed between us. I was not the leader.  He ached for natural normality.   I will never forget, and always wish him well and  hope that we meet again in this life or another.  As he acknowledged, our natural souls touched.  May he gain good health, mentally and physically and as I have said to him the Yurt and peace is always here for him.

Thsnkful to live in this beautiful Yurt which touches lives. Pray that this lovely man allows himself to remember how happy he felt at Robertson Yurt during the five days alone and with me.



Author: Jillit

Greetings and welcome. The Theme of my Blog is about endeavouring to live an Ecological Lifestyle, based on Permaculture Principles. Some of the Topics we will explore in an entertaining manner all radiate out from 3 main slices of living ... Shelter (Yurts and Round Houses), Warmth and Food. A very special person once wrote "Learn From The Past, Think for Tomorrow ... Act Today". I have carried a little motto in my wallet for years ..."We are more of who we are because of the connections we have made". I look forward to our connections. ;-)

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