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Sunday afternoon

Long time since publishing on

This last weekend of 2016 Summer is drawing to a close. It has been cool, misty rain and then heavy rain Saturday turning to a cool cloudy Sunday. A good weekend for my subi and I to hibernate where we love, “Khangai” the Yurt. Sorted through the book shelves, found treasures I wish to read and patterns I wish to knit and inspirations I wish to create. All whilst watching the colourful procession of birds outside the floor to ceiling windows.

Magpies, including noisy babies, wonga pigeons, bower birds, rosellas, king parrots, honey eaters, finches.  Oh yes my neighbours dog visited also.

Two years ago my lovely Aztec the Wonderdog plus my sons dogs Enzo and Truffle were here with me. I was not lonely then. Sadly Aztec went to Doggie next world on December 23  he is so missed.

My world of family and friends is interconnected with daughter visiting son 2 and family in Qld, son 3 and his lady keeping company of our friend in Sydney and son 1 spending the day with my very special friends in Melbourne and my sons Dad having dinner at my home with son 1 and  the extended family of 3 dogs, 6 chickens  and all the wild birds.

I remain at home alone hoping that a friend may drop in and have s chat whilst I sat out on the church pew on front verandah trying to make an imitation of a birds nest for an exhibition.  Not quite finished but think the random woven one is the one. Been good reconnecting with natural fibres,  the feel, smell, rustle, sight and yes even taste when I lick my fingers to add a little moisture to quickly drying out fibres which need to be dampened to be pliable.

Well  here’s to a new weekend a new month in a few days. Cheers!