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Day 3 Challenge of 10DBC.  Creating the vision for my future. My perfect day.

Creating the vision for my future.Wow! Creating my perfect day! Dream, dream, dream …. Yummy.

Well I am going to use some of my happy memories and some of my creative dreams to create my perfect day.

After a beautiful nights sleep I wake still wrapped up in my man’s embrace of love. We share a good morning kiss and he tells me to stay there. Before too long he returns with fresh orange juice, a bowl of my favourite cereal, yoghurt and fruit, and a cuppa. We sit in bed eating and chatting comfortably about this and that, family, friends, life.

The sun is beginning to rise as we go outside within Nature’s world and welcome in the morning sounds of the birds, frogs, cows and other animals. Seeing the shadows move as the sun rises, along with the colours of the morning. Appreciating the damp grass and earth aromas. Doing deep breathing and rolling shoulders along with meditation and giving thanks allows me to then focus on today’s priorities.

Quick shower and dress and a brisk walk to see more of life around me.

Phone calls to those dear, but maybe not near. To tell them I love them and miss them. To connect. I especially love hearing my daughter’s, still half asleep, morning voice. Some days she doesn’t remember chatting in her half sleep. Cute.

Settled in at a sunny, comfy spot, I connect with folk across the world via my fingers on the keyboard. Ecological lifestyle is my focus. Shelter, food, fibre are the topics which have millions of threads of connections. Once that lifestyle “work” is done comes some time out in the local community, volunteering wherever volunteers are needed. I can and do gift my time and energy to others. It is soulfully great to help others. Everyone needs somebody.

A healthy lunch then the afternoon is spent in the garden or studio, creating.

Mmmmmm. Yummy. Bring it on.

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Day 2 of 10DBC    Why I want to live the freedom lifestyle

The reason I want to live a freedom lifestyle is because I have always believed, and do still believe, that I was born into this world to be an inspiration. Against the odds, my birth mother gave birth to me, against family and social stigma. Adopted at 3 weeks of age. Raised by two lovely parents, and a Sister, I was blessed. I always felt “different” though. Unique is a good word. I now choose to live in a unique Yurt.

I am unique. We each are. Always striving to stretch out, with mane and tail flying this Sagittarius is happiest with people and purpose. Being constrained is no fun. Fun is good. Fun to travel to share time with family, friends, strangers ..friends to be. To connect. Fun to explore, learn from life that has been, and is, and share skills. KOTO …know one, teach one. Fun to plant seeds and watch them grow.

Spending time with the nomads of Tibet was an experience that touched my soul. They are so resourceful. The yaks provide milk, food, fibre and insulation.

Gardening, creating, being in touch with my soul through my environment … These times make me happy. Masanobu Fukuoka said “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

I aim for holistic freedom, including but not limited to, financial, physical, emotional, spiritual and ecologically sustainable. I was created to fulfil a purpose, to learn, share, connect, and most of all …live a long life, love, and leave a legacy.

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Do or Do Not.

Challenge 1 … Financial.  Even though the money tree has been watered there is not enough to broadcast across the 1/2 acre lot. Established plants are not affordable.

Solution …. Slowly, slowly. Plant seeds. Nurture. Love. Watch them grow and find their roots. Purchase heirloom varieties.

Time …. Need more to learn about what plant to place where so they are in guilds, families and have a healthy environment, good conditions, to be growing in.

Solution….. Eliminate unNecessaries in my day to day life to spend more time focused on growing my garden.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1




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Greetings and welcome. The Theme of my Blog is about endeavouring to live an Ecological Lifestyle, based on Permaculture Principles. Some of the Topics we will explore in an entertaining manner all radiate out from 3 main slices of living … Shelter (Yurts and Round Houses), Warmth and Food. A very special person once wrote “Learn From The Past, Think for Tomorrow … Act Today”. I have carried a little motto in my wallet for years …”We are more of who we are because of the connections we have made”. I look forward to our connections. 😉

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