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Blogging 101 assignment. Edit my Title and Tagline. Connections.

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I decided to leave my existing Title and Tagline as is. These are my connections and I am happy with these, at this point of time.
A great deal of thinking goes into setting up a Blog. My work colleague shared that she had done a course and as I want to continually stretch myself and keep up with today’s technology I am on the learning curve of blogging. I really enjoy reading, and reading others blogs is interesting and connecting over the world. A bit like pen pals from years ago, but instant. Fun!
I am passing on someone else’s words I recorded long time ago …..
“The Cobwebs of Connections”
String connects between past generations, weaving our lives together with each other creating friendships and travelling together.

Author: Jillit

Greetings and welcome. The Theme of my Blog is about endeavouring to live an Ecological Lifestyle, based on Permaculture Principles. Some of the Topics we will explore in an entertaining manner all radiate out from 3 main slices of living ... Shelter (Yurts and Round Houses), Warmth and Food. A very special person once wrote "Learn From The Past, Think for Tomorrow ... Act Today". I have carried a little motto in my wallet for years ..."We are more of who we are because of the connections we have made". I look forward to our connections. ;-)

One thought on “Blogging 101 assignment. Edit my Title and Tagline. Connections.

  1. Very pretty header. Welcome to Blogging 101. This is my second time. I’m sure you will learn a lot. http://lilypupslife/


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