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4 weeks into a new chapter

4 weeks ago I was driving interstate by myself to begin a new chapter of my life and going from being a “one” to being part of a “twosome”.

The last few days of 2017 were the beginning of an opportunity to share happiness and lots of smiles. This was not expected but very welcomed and I am so happy that I was open to accept new people, new places, and new experiences into my world. My world was already a good one with a lovely and loving family, a few special friends and a very beautiful, quirky, unique yurt in NSW Southern Highlands as my home plus a good job working at a lovely school predominantly with the students. Lucky!

Australian travel involves lots of time to go between the capital cities and where I lived and even though I longed for my family to come spend time with me at the yurt, reality was different as the young ones work crazy hours in varying shifts and have their own full lives. My expectations were unreal. Over a number of years I was the one travelling to see them. They totally supported my move to the Highlands and to a Yurt. In fact they were so proud of me and encouraged the Airbnb component from afar, one went shopping with me for furnishings   When there with me we had lovely times …. treasure chest times.

To be continued


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9 Months – Nearly

Well here I am, nearly 9 months into a new life, actually another chapter of my very fortunate life. 9 months ago I left the school I loved working at, in the NSW Southern Highlands, and the beautiful teachers and students, and the beautiful caring folk in the village of Robertson where I was known as the Yurt lady, packed up (or gave away) my possessions and tearfully left the absolutely beautiful Robertson Roundhouse which I had bought, loved working in the rainforest and unique garden, and shared through Airbnb with many folk, to come and share my life in the Ballarat district. I have relocated back to, but still a distance away from Melbourne (where I lived for approximately 30 years). It was fate that introduced us. Music, dancing, laughter and the joy of living life.

My Airbnb was very, very popular and booked out nearly every weekend ( and often extra days when my dear friend let me stay in their farmhouse and cook me awesome meals – thank you Doug). Consequently I would leave school in Mittagong at 4pm on Fridays and drive through Camden to the Blue Mountains.

Arrival at the YHA Katoomba was a quick warm hello to staff as they handed me the sheet and pillow and doona cover and checked me in.  By sunset if possible I had raced upstairs, made my bed, left my backpack and headed to watch the sunset over the escarpment. Wow!

Then a quick drive to the Hotel Blu for music session. Dinner there. Back to YHA for a chat or game of cards or Scrabble then sleep. Welcome even if sharing a dorm with young folk from many different countries. Sometimes we talked for hours   No barriers  common interests instead

Up and on the go  Saturday mornings and off with walking poles to spend the day walking in the absolutely beautiful National Park   Sometimes with “Sydney Bushwalkers” Often I would team up with David (a fellow  ‘single’) and we chatted and encouraged each other on the steep treks (he let me stop and take photos) and shared water with others. I believe in the positive sharing of experiences and how lucky I have been.

Saturday nights were spent listening to music or at the YHA sharing cooking, eating, or chatting with folk from all countries and across all ages.  I was in my happy place. My sister worried I might meet some undesirables but the opposite was true… I felt safe.

Sundays were varied.  Spent time exploring, photographing nature, making a basket  and listening to the Jazz evening at Blackheath. What a lovely group of folk.  They knew I had a 2 1/2 hour drive down the mountain to the yurt in the dark and often rain so had me call one of them when I got home safely. Sometimes I went back to curl up in a bunk for the night and headed off at 5am Monday, showering at school. Easier.

In 2018 a new chapter begun and instead of sleeping at the YHA in Katoomba I now slept on the Sydney to Melbourne  overnight train each Friday and Sunday nights, about 40 weekends last year.  The stories of those trips is another story but let’s say it was well worth it, but lovely to not do now. Arriving at Moss Vale at 5:05am on a Monday morning to a frozen, dead battery, car in minus 3 degrees was not fun. Having dinner with my loved ones at Southern Cross Station was lovely … haven’t had a pint of apple cider since though. Good laugh though.

Nine months later   What I arrived to has changed a lot  – David (94)) has passed away, so we don’t have FaceTime calls regularly with the others; my job at a lovely school here which was to be part-time changed to full time and I was in transition and said no to full time.  I miss the young folk at school and their life energy but now am part of Sing Australia, and dancing and on Ballarat Crafts Council. I spend more time making baskets and having the time and energy to travel, explore places and cultures and meet lovely folk. Gardening has fallen off my daily life as we are on limited tank water but my memory is strong of what I have achieved, my permaculture food producing garden at our family home and the ongoing Nature’s secret garden at the Yurt. 6 months today a beautiful little granddaughter came into my life and even though not in my arms she is in my world

The fulfilment of walking country with indigenous women and experiencing Tiwi Islands and Litchfield National Park and the connections made from this trip means a great deal to me. I am slowly stitching a pandanus basket … slowly but so enjoyable.

My prattling has gone longer than I thought so will bid goodnight, for now

Sending smiles your way




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My diary testifies to the busy life I lead but the nuances of the lovely days and nights are not detailed there but remain as wonderful memories in my heart and head.

Predominantly my life has been rich with love and purpose. Nearly always by keeping busy and having a purpose, even if it is to hang out the washing, has mostly kept me moving physically and mentally and emotionally.

My head rewinds memories of the lovely homes I have shared with my loves, Mosman, Ryde, Epping, Hampton, Sandringham, Highett, and Robertson and  the many, many places my sleeping has happened in.

These nests, cocoons include lots of tents, teepees, caravans, cars, cabins, hotels, cruise ships, very small 58 person expedition ships, airports, planes, trains, buses, Airbnb’s, guest houses, friends and families homes, romantic log cabins, farm houses, YHA dormitories, very simple abodes in Nepal and Tibet. …  this list is quite extensive! Wow! Lucky I can usually tell myself a story and go to sleep.

The greatest going to sleep, waking up and sleeping together times have been with my loved ones. They even tolerate my light (!) snoring, talking, laughing and even singing during my ‘eyes closed times’. Some have been known to throw pillows at me or take turns to poke or roll me over (Tash, Ellen) but all up sleep is lovely wherever I am.

The night is dark and cold but I am rugged up and have my hand knitted blanket, pillow and eye mask to sleep another night away on the overnight train so that I can share the weekend with my beloveds.

Loving living life 🙏





Winter 2017 in Robertson Yurt/Roundhouse

The first day of Winter in the Robertson Yurt/Roundhouse situated in NSW Southern Highlands and in the Southern Hemisphere. Crispy, crunchy, frosty, mornings and nights but blue sky, glorious days. Some rain, but needing more rain for our earth.

The fabulous Canadian Osburn combustion fire is keeping the Robertson Yurt/Roundhouse lovely and cosy. Sleeping up in the mezzanine is even cosier. Watching the flickering flames and coals is meditative and many an hour is spent in quiet contemplation of life and living, of people and places.  Time for planning too. Feeling blessed.

The shorter days are sometimes obstacles as less time to work outside in the garden, or to be out walking in the country with my newish walking poles. I have become a member of a large bushwalking club (picture taken in Blue Mountains recently on one of my walks) for the reasons of getting fitter, and keeping healthy until I am 96, to be closer with nature and explore areas I would not venture into by myself, and to be with others, who also have these interests. As a “one” it is nice to share things. I hope never to lose my memories of very fond memories with another special person.

The other side of the coin is time to snuggle in the yurt, to cook yummy, nourishing meals, to sit and knit whilst listening to Leonard Cohen, to hibernate in my own thoughts and allow feelings to ebb through me whilst being cocooned in the “cave”. My lovely friend likened the yurt to an oasis, and a refuge. Yes, it is all of that and more. I hope that this friend allows themself to return one day to enjoy those feelings again, of being snuggled in a beautiful spiritual space with nature all around, to enjoy the natural food and to learn how to cook this, and to just be their natural self in a natural world.

The birds have become accustomed to my pattern of rising in the mornings. The magpies chortle their hellos and when I pull the curtains open the trees have magpies, rosellas, king parrots and wonga pigeons in them … all waiting on some treats. So lovely!

As custodian of the yurt and a spiritual guide to living simply I feel a responsibility but it is all good. The people that the yurt attracts share these philosophies and that is a gift.

May everyone’s Winter be wonderful.

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Waiting takes up many minutes and hours in one’s lifetime.  It can be time wasted or time used well, time to give thanks, time to grieve passings of loved ones, remembering life and passing  today especially on the 3rd yearly clock around since Sherine departed us, It can be anxious or relaxed. So many scenarios!  Quite often so varied there is no “normal” waiting situation.  Waiting for our home cooked dinner which smells delicious is a good wait, touches many senses.  Waiting with a child in hospital is a very anxious wait and those few times I have experienced these situations are embedded in my soul and memory.  Waiting to hear from those I love, sending love to them whether they have moved on even, Waiting at the Opthamoligist as I type this, anxious that my glaucoma has not deteriorated. Wanting and planning to live with sight and great health till I am 96!

RobertsonYurt/Roundhouse’s 1/2 acre garden is ever changing   Very seasonal. Very beautiful!  I wait with anticipation for the new growth and flowers to emerge, for the Maples to colour up, shine in the moisture, then drop the red leaves to create carpets.

So happy I have had the opportunity to “wait” and to have had so many great waits and to those in the future.


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The coolness is seeping into the country. Rain has given life to our dry country with previously empty dams. Enjoying a fire in the evenings has been delightful. Warms the body and soul watching the flames and coals.  Our Yurt is being enjoyed by others who think about buying land and duplicating this large very lovable abode. Lovely being able to share the beautiful ambience.

Thankful for Dan Thomas, a Robertson landscape designer who is sharing the dream and making it happen to open the garden as a fundraiser ,,,, a Woodland Artisian garden.   Pushing me on to create and add to the already beautiful piece of heaven, an “oasis in a troubled world. ”

Through sharing and caring, in November 2016 I met a wonderful soul.  His words are above …. he also said I was a “refuge in a refugee world” in which he works. He said he shared with me over the next three months more than he had with 98% of folk.   He wanted no more than to escape into the natural world here, learn about the birds, loved seeing them and their antics, laughed at the possums and Wonga Pigeons, wanted to go see the wombats, eat good natural food.   His damaged soul and mind opened and relaxed here, he was lovely, but work and the world human rights and his expectations have closed all. After writing that my friendship was invaluable he has “concluded our communication”   Told me to put behind me that our paths crossed and basically in my words he let his shield down here when the world looks to him.  Thousands of words passed between us. I was not the leader.  He ached for natural normality.   I will never forget, and always wish him well and  hope that we meet again in this life or another.  As he acknowledged, our natural souls touched.  May he gain good health, mentally and physically and as I have said to him the Yurt and peace is always here for him.

Thsnkful to live in this beautiful Yurt which touches lives. Pray that this lovely man allows himself to remember how happy he felt at Robertson Yurt during the five days alone and with me.



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Sunday afternoon

Long time since publishing on

This last weekend of 2016 Summer is drawing to a close. It has been cool, misty rain and then heavy rain Saturday turning to a cool cloudy Sunday. A good weekend for my subi and I to hibernate where we love, “Khangai” the Yurt. Sorted through the book shelves, found treasures I wish to read and patterns I wish to knit and inspirations I wish to create. All whilst watching the colourful procession of birds outside the floor to ceiling windows.

Magpies, including noisy babies, wonga pigeons, bower birds, rosellas, king parrots, honey eaters, finches.  Oh yes my neighbours dog visited also.

Two years ago my lovely Aztec the Wonderdog plus my sons dogs Enzo and Truffle were here with me. I was not lonely then. Sadly Aztec went to Doggie next world on December 23  he is so missed.

My world of family and friends is interconnected with daughter visiting son 2 and family in Qld, son 3 and his lady keeping company of our friend in Sydney and son 1 spending the day with my very special friends in Melbourne and my sons Dad having dinner at my home with son 1 and  the extended family of 3 dogs, 6 chickens  and all the wild birds.

I remain at home alone hoping that a friend may drop in and have s chat whilst I sat out on the church pew on front verandah trying to make an imitation of a birds nest for an exhibition.  Not quite finished but think the random woven one is the one. Been good reconnecting with natural fibres,  the feel, smell, rustle, sight and yes even taste when I lick my fingers to add a little moisture to quickly drying out fibres which need to be dampened to be pliable.

Well  here’s to a new weekend a new month in a few days. Cheers!




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Day 3 Challenge of 10DBC.  Creating the vision for my future. My perfect day.

Creating the vision for my future.Wow! Creating my perfect day! Dream, dream, dream …. Yummy.

Well I am going to use some of my happy memories and some of my creative dreams to create my perfect day.

After a beautiful nights sleep I wake still wrapped up in my man’s embrace of love. We share a good morning kiss and he tells me to stay there. Before too long he returns with fresh orange juice, a bowl of my favourite cereal, yoghurt and fruit, and a cuppa. We sit in bed eating and chatting comfortably about this and that, family, friends, life.

The sun is beginning to rise as we go outside within Nature’s world and welcome in the morning sounds of the birds, frogs, cows and other animals. Seeing the shadows move as the sun rises, along with the colours of the morning. Appreciating the damp grass and earth aromas. Doing deep breathing and rolling shoulders along with meditation and giving thanks allows me to then focus on today’s priorities.

Quick shower and dress and a brisk walk to see more of life around me.

Phone calls to those dear, but maybe not near. To tell them I love them and miss them. To connect. I especially love hearing my daughter’s, still half asleep, morning voice. Some days she doesn’t remember chatting in her half sleep. Cute.

Settled in at a sunny, comfy spot, I connect with folk across the world via my fingers on the keyboard. Ecological lifestyle is my focus. Shelter, food, fibre are the topics which have millions of threads of connections. Once that lifestyle “work” is done comes some time out in the local community, volunteering wherever volunteers are needed. I can and do gift my time and energy to others. It is soulfully great to help others. Everyone needs somebody.

A healthy lunch then the afternoon is spent in the garden or studio, creating.

Mmmmmm. Yummy. Bring it on.

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Day 2 of 10DBC    Why I want to live the freedom lifestyle

The reason I want to live a freedom lifestyle is because I have always believed, and do still believe, that I was born into this world to be an inspiration. Against the odds, my birth mother gave birth to me, against family and social stigma. Adopted at 3 weeks of age. Raised by two lovely parents, and a Sister, I was blessed. I always felt “different” though. Unique is a good word. I now choose to live in a unique Yurt.

I am unique. We each are. Always striving to stretch out, with mane and tail flying this Sagittarius is happiest with people and purpose. Being constrained is no fun. Fun is good. Fun to travel to share time with family, friends, strangers ..friends to be. To connect. Fun to explore, learn from life that has been, and is, and share skills. KOTO …know one, teach one. Fun to plant seeds and watch them grow.

Spending time with the nomads of Tibet was an experience that touched my soul. They are so resourceful. The yaks provide milk, food, fibre and insulation.

Gardening, creating, being in touch with my soul through my environment … These times make me happy. Masanobu Fukuoka said “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

I aim for holistic freedom, including but not limited to, financial, physical, emotional, spiritual and ecologically sustainable. I was created to fulfil a purpose, to learn, share, connect, and most of all …live a long life, love, and leave a legacy.

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Do or Do Not.

Challenge 1 … Financial.  Even though the money tree has been watered there is not enough to broadcast across the 1/2 acre lot. Established plants are not affordable.

Solution …. Slowly, slowly. Plant seeds. Nurture. Love. Watch them grow and find their roots. Purchase heirloom varieties.

Time …. Need more to learn about what plant to place where so they are in guilds, families and have a healthy environment, good conditions, to be growing in.

Solution….. Eliminate unNecessaries in my day to day life to spend more time focused on growing my garden.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1